Bitcoin Cloud Mining in South Africa

Yes,  you can earn and mine bitcoin in South Africa without equipment  using the best cloud mining service online.  Earn Bitcoin every day 100% passively from today.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how to earn of mining your own bitcoin while living in South Africa? This blog was created to get you started today.

My name is Colin Brazendale and I have been mining bitcoins profitably since July 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa.

In 2016 I had a look at Bitcoin, the newest currency of the world. I liked it immediately because of the cheap transaction fees and limited number of coins available. So with a limited supply and increase adoption or users the price can only go up.

Another reason why I like Bitcoin is that you can earn more bitcoin with your current bitcoin. Bitcoin is a store of value, like Gold and Silver, but has much more places to use.

On this page I have videos and text instruction how to get started with Bitcoin Mining in South Africa.

If you have any questions please contact me here:

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Introduction Video to Bitcoin Mining in South Africa

How to Create Your First Bitcoin Wallet

I see a bitcoin wallet like my internet banking account, but with less functions. You need a bitcoin wallet to store and keep you bitcoin. From this bitcoin wallet you will be able to move your bitcoin for payments to other people. You will also be able to receive bitcoin from other people.

The bitcoin wallet I use can be used with 60 other crypto currencies. You can also interchange between crypto currencies with this wallet.

Create a wallet here:

How to buy Bitcoin with your South African Rands

I have found a great place to exchange my Rands to Bitcoin. It is save to use and there are 1000's of traders competing for you business so you get the best prices here.

Go to Localbitcoins here:

Watch video below for detail instructions to get started with

How to Open your Account at Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is a cloud mining company that started in 2013. To date, June 2017, they have 500000 members and growing. They are the biggest bitcoin cloud mining company online.

Bitcoin cloud mining allows you to mine bitcoin without buying your own mining equipment and manage it day to day. This is 100% hands off or paasive bitcoin mining.

Join Genesis Mining here:

Here is my Genesis Mining update video on 9 June 2017

All the previous videos where made in 2016. Below you will see an update I made on 9 June 2017. This is about 11 months after I joined and the videos above.

For my latest Genesis Mining updates go to my Youtube Playlist for Genesis Mining here.

Now it is your turn to mine bitcoin...

We are living in exciting times and in a time of change in the currency world. This is your opportunity to take part and profit from the big changes ahead of us.

In the information above I try to show you how to get started with mining your own bitcoin with Genesis Mining. If there is something you are not sure of please contact me using info below under my name.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and watch the videos.

The most important step now is to take action. The sad fact is that statistics show only 2% will take action. Make sure you are in the 2% and you will excel in life.

Your Sincerely,
Colin Brazendale
Whatsapp: 0027 72 8386854


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